Janice Crompton-Brough

Nurturing joy, creativity & deeper connection in challenging times & empowering you for positive mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing

Title:  Creating Space for Joy - Nurturing Self in Action

Resources:  Please have a beautiful/best cup and post-its or scraps of paper available, and a pen - and an open-mind!  We will be doing deep belly breathing and laughter exercises throughout the session

(note: please be mindful of your own health when we are laughing.  If you have had an operation in the past 3 months, have a hernia or severe hemorrhoids, or experience low blood pressure, please ensure you check with your GP before participating.  I also recommend Tena (or other brands) panytliners if needed, to ensure you're comfortable and get the best out of the session

Outline: Join Janice from Pu-Tai Wellbeing as we explore happiness and the concept of nurturing in its active form.  After the enormous changes and transitions we've experienced over the last year, how can we now begin to do things differently to nurture ourselves and heal at all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? How do we increase our capacity for joy? How do we move from self-care to a deeper level of self-nourishment - deeply recognising and valuing our commitment to ourselves, first?  

Bio: www.pu-taiwellbeing.com/about-janice

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