Soyem Osakwe

Strategic communications consultant helping executives become recognizable global leaders and leading communication initiatives for GBV

Soyem Osakwe is a Strategic Communications Consultant – she prioritizes creativity, as well as product, people, and customer foresight to help businesses reach an engaged audience.

Combining experiences in the profit and non-profit sector, she has brought an enterprising direction to the launch and growth of Lexiton Media Group; the strategic market entry of COM FU to the Nigerian market; and a tactical brand management for Chief Executives, positioning them to become recognizable leaders in their field, both locally and internationally.  

She strongly believes sustainable growth starts with the people and has shown this commitment by dedicating a transformative interest in training and developing communication teams that complement company objectives and improve each other’s work drive.

With a trailblazing reputation that exceeds helping businesses communicate their value proposition to the right audience, Soyem’s current track is as a Senior Communications Officer at the Mirabel Centre, leading the expansion of its advocacy campaigns into communities that are complex to crack.

Since joining the Mirabel Centre in 2018, she has led key partnerships with purpose-driven individuals and brands such as Aabo, to create and manage emergency reporting for women in dangerous situations and to provide immediate support to survivors.

She also prioritizes a multi-pronged approach that includes men in the digital conversation to fight the rape culture in Nigeria. Such commitment has also extended to expertly recruiting over 120 volunteers and training them as advocates that contribute to the goal for a gender-balanced society.

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