Julia Lynch

Founding Director, Global Citizen, Capoeirista, proud feminist mobilising girls in developing world to be change-makers in communities

Julia Lynch founded Global Girl Project in 2014, after over twenty years working as a Community Social Worker and Therapist. During this time Julia traveled extensively, including time spent in Tanzania and Jamaica providing community and health services to local at-risk communities.

This work ignited her passion for supporting marginalized girls, and GGP was born. As a gay, woman of colour who grew up in a small, white town Julia learned from an early age how imperative it is to see yourself represented in positions of power and leadership. Since that time, Julia has worked tirelessly to not only be a role model for her global girls, but to train them on how to be role models and leaders to others within their communities.

As the Founding Director, Julia works in partnership with NGOs and schools globally to implement and run leadership programs and initiatives for girls throughout the developing world. Julia not only works directly with our scholars online, but also runs the day-to-day operations of GGP from the United Kingdom.

Since starting GGP Julia has become an in-demand voice on leadership and girls empowerment globally. Julia speaks with integrity and knowledge on international development, diversity, inclusion, leadership training, the mobilistation of youth, and community engagement. Julia is a passionate, engaging and down-to-earth speaker who has the ability to connect with her audience in such a way that they leave feeling inspired and mobilized to create the changes they want to see. She speaks regularly to businesses and organizations about how to be a change-maker in one’s own life, world and work.

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