Katherine Maslen

Naturopath, author, host of The Shift Podcast, innovation in healthcare, founder of Shift clinics, DV advocate, women in leadership and personal empowerment

From rocky beginnings growing up with domestic violence to author, entrepreneur and health advocate, Katherine Maslen is a compelling speaker and an inspiration to people all over the world.

Katherine is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, podcast host and a renegade for health. She is on a mission to change the face of health and to help others live a life that they love.

As the author of the best selling book Get Well Stay Well, Katherine is a sought after media commentator, speaker and entrepreneur, and the host of the award-winning audio documentary podcast series ‘The Shift’. Katherine is a pioneer in her industry and has developed a world-first membership model of natural health care which is changing the face of health in Australia.

Katherine began her career as a naturopath in 2007 and in 2011 founded her first clinic, Shift at Brisbane Natural Health. From a handful of practitioners, Shift has grown to be one of Australia’s most successful health practices. In 2015 Katherine launched a worldwide first – natural health memberships that encompassed multiple practitioner care, educational resources and results tracking.

Her signature memberships have disrupted the traditional model of health care and are now available worldwide as a virtual service.

It is Katherine’s creative outlook and entrepreneurial spirit that has made her a well-respected voice on the topic of health care in Australia. She is a go-to source for comment on health by the media and is featured frequently in publications like Good Health and Nature and Health magazines, has been interviewed on Channel 9, Channel 10 and Channel 7 and is frequently called to appear on radio.

Katherine is also an advocate for domestic violence, having grown up in a household where violence was a part of her daily life. This leads her to turn to drug use, and at the age of fifteen Katherine ended up addicted to heroin, homeless and living on the streets of Melbourne.

Her recovery journey is something that Katherine believes has enriched the tapestry of her life and she brings this insight into the work that she does with others. Katherine is an avid supporter of Women’s Legal Service, which help to support women in domestic violence situations.

Katherine is energetic and sought after speaker. Her non-technical and conversational style paired with her obvious passion for what she does leaves her audience feeling empowered and inspired to make positive changes in their health and their life.

Click on the link to go to Katherine's speaker page to learn more about the types of audiences she has presented to and some example presentations. Katherine takes great pride in providing the very best presentation, and is happy to jump on a call to discuss what you might need.

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