Holly Budge

Everest summiteer, first woman to skydive Everest, Founder of 'How Many Elephants' Charity, Co-founder of World Female Ranger Day

What's Your Everest?

Are you facing a challenge right now?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward?

Is the thought of failing crippling you?

It's the same with many of us right now. COVID-19 has left us hanging over the edge; Exhausted and wondering how we're going to climb back up. Inaction is not an option if we want to survive and thrive.

World-class adventurer and inspirational keynote speaker, Holly Budge, delivers powerful life lessons to show you and your team how to embrace the peaks and recover from the troughs. Delivered with passion, humour and humility, Holly demonstrates the power of positive active thinking, even in times of great adversity. Are you ready to learn how to climb your Everest?

Holly doesn't stop at Everest. She's the founder of an international non-profit, How Many Elephants, educating a global audience about the devastating impacts of the African Elephant ivory trade.

Holly recently co-founded World Female Ranger Day to champion and support female rangers working on the front line of wildlife conservation.

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