Dr. Amelia Reigstad, Ph.D.

Passionate change agent who encourages and inspires women to use their voice to initiate change

Dr. Amelia Reigstad, Ph.D. is a passionate change agent, corporate trainer and coach with two decades of industry experience. She has spoken on a global scale at many professional events and conferences and has taught a variety of PR and communications courses across the U.S., Canada, Europe and the U.K.

As the founder of The Women Empowerment Series, she inspires and encourages women to disrupt the status quo and use their voice to initiate change. And, when she says use their voice, she literally means women's voices — through communication. Change can be big or small. For Dr. Reigstad, it’s about using her voice to initiate change pertaining to gender equality in the workplace but to someone else, it could be navigating through a tough conversation with a male superior.

The three-part series was developed in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in hopes of continuing her legacy in creating gender equality in the workplace.

This is done through topics such linguistic and communication styles, conversation rituals, gender differences, women empowerment, confidence, authenticity and more!

The purpose of the series is to build community and offer women a supportive place to discuss challenges they face both personally and professionally. Women who take part in the series are smashing right through glass ceilings and Dr. Reigstad is thrilled to be able to guide them in the process.

Here's what empowered women have to say:

"I'm so glad I was able to take advantage of this opportunity to not only explore my communication style through the lens of gender but also take the time to understand other perspectives in the workplace and how to shift the power. It was humbling and affirming to hear other women's stories of their own experiences in their careers and how I can apply their lessons to my own workplace culture. I highly recommend this series to anyone looking to empower themselves but also empower others; you will walk away with so many invaluable insights."

“Amelia! Thank you for The Women Empowerment Series. Your dedication to and enthusiasm for the topic is inspiring. It was a honor to learn from you and the other participants! "Communicate. Be Empowered. Make a Difference." Yes!”

"For the past three weeks, I've had the opportunity to engage with women across industries with Dr. Amelia Reigstad, Ph.D. It's been a truly enlightening experience! One of my key take-aways centered around the power dimension!"

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