Shola Kaye

Keynote Speaker on empathy, communication and DEI

Each year, speaker, author and LinkedIn Learning Instructor Shola Kaye creates a featured speech for your International Women's Day audience. For IWD 2022, this year it's:

***BREAK THE BIAS with Powerful Communication: Practical Skills for Challenging Bias***

In this session, we’ll examine gender bias and ways women are stereotyped and discriminated against. You’ll walk away with practical tools, strategies and communication frameworks to make a difference by challenging this behaviour.

What this session covers:

- Common examples of gender bias and the damage they cause
- Strategies for breaking bias
- Calling out vs calling in – and how to decide which is appropriate, given your situation
- Common gender-related microaggressions and strategies for responding to aggressors
- Bystander interventions for male allies and anyone who wants to help fight gender bias
- Recognising and understanding intersectionality: the overlapping of gender bias with other types of discriminatory behaviour

Session duration and format:  40-60 minute virtual keynote OR 60-90 minute virtual workshop with breakouts

Shola's clients include IBM, Google, The UK Ministry of Justice, Deloitte and American Express. Her talks are interactive and engaging and provide actionable takeaways that you can use immediately.

What clients say:

"Shola recently participated in our International Women's day celebration here at Riverbed, for about 180 people. She didn't disappoint! Shola's delivery displayed a great deal of passion and empathy. The session was both interactive, fun and also compassionate. We received a lot of positive feedback. I would not hesitate in recommending Shola."

- Sumi Shukla, VP, Riverbed Technology

"Shola came to present on the Women on the Wharf Inspire series after being highly recommended. We had a record number of people sign up to the talk (over 900) and turn up (500). Shola managed to navigate an emotive topic with clear, actionable take aways. When we moved into Q&A, she gave attendees space to contribute, share experiences and feedback. She did this all with calmness, poise and respect. Shola was a fantastic speaker and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together."

- Louisa Golden, SVP, Citi

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