Frances Martin-DiGiuseppe

Founder & Principal Architect of Q4 Architects

Frances leads a multi-talented team of over fifty-five highly creative architectural professionals (Over 50% of them are women). Together the team has completed projects across Canada and the USA.

With over thirty-five years of experience, Frances strongly believes in the power of architecture to enhance the human condition. She works closely with her clients to create truly liveable, ordered and harmonious spaces and places.

Frances thrives on research and is passionate about good design, especially in architecture with a social mission which benefit disadvantaged or challenged individuals and communities.

This belief is embodied within Frances’ commitment to giving back to the communities she works in, both financially and by working to create empowering spaces for organizations such as The Hospital for Sick Children and Wellspring Cancer Support Centres.

Frances is an advocate for women in architecture and believes education is a life-long mission both for herself and the people she mentors.

Frances is Founder & Principal Architect of Q4 Architects - Q4A is regarded as one of the largest female owned and operated architectural firms in Canada with offices in Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa

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