Giulia Fiorista

Service Designer, Design Researcher and all-rounder user-centred design expert

Giulia is a strategic thinker, reflective design practitioner and passionate advocate for human-centred design. She believes that businesses and organisations that put humans at the centre of their products and services deliver better and thoroughly more impactful technologies. For the users, the organisation/ business, and for society as a whole.

Throughout her career she has had experience in a variety of industries in the public and private sectors. This shaped her understanding of organisational and strategic needs across complex, publicly-funded organisations as well as smaller dynamic and entrepreneurial start-up businesses.

She is confident in her ability to bring together business models and organisational strategies with user needs, data insights and research trends.

Giulia’s track record and expertise allow her to lead and manage user-centred design activities to develop high-quality deliverables such as user personas, customer experience journeys, service blueprints, process maps, digital prototypes, and other design artefacts to uncover effective design solutions.

Some of the things Giulia is experienced at:

• Designing accessible and inclusive digital services
• Planning and leading on user research and user testing activities
• How to understand and translate qualitative and quantitative data into design solutions
• How to involve others in the process through co-design and participatory design workshops
• Designing for SaaS companies
• Designing for public services
• Designing the employee experience
• Champion design advocacy for organisations
• Working in Agile teams

Things that excite her on projects:

• Designing with other organisations to deliver, streamlined, end-to-end services for users and staff
• Design services for scale, by identifying, using and adapting service patterns
• Budgeting ethics and sustainability methods in project plans
• The intersection/tension between service design and policymaking
• Strategic design, visioning and future thinking
• Inclusive segmentation
• The intersection/tension between Community-centred design and user-centred design

Fun facts about Giulia:

- She has lived in the UK for 9 years and I am originally from Italy
- In a parallel life, Giulia is also an illustrator
- Giulia is a runner with a swimmer’s attitude

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