Maja Schreiner

CEO and Founder of Sharing Tribe connecting untapped workforce potential in job-sharing positions

Maja is an international speaker, speaking on various topics around Agile Leadership, Collaboration, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Testing and Women in Business at events like:

* Romanian Testing conference 2015 in Cluj-Napoca
* Online test conference 2017
* Lean Agile Scrum 2017 Zurich
* DevOps Days 2017 London
* Quest for Quality 2017 Dublin
* Swiss Testing Day 2018 Zurich
* TesBash Germany 2018 in Munich
* Bosnia Agile Day 2018 in Sarajevo -> KEYNOTE "How I fell in love with agile testing and why you should, too!"
* UKSTAR 2019 London
* Agile Testing Days USA 2019 in Chicago
* European Women in Tech 2019 in Amsterdam
* German Testing Day 2020 online workshop "Whole team approach to agile testing"

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