Adriana Morvaiova

Culture genie, spiritual Life Coach, TEDx Speaker, Diversity & Inclusion lead

- Adriana is a Jill of all trades and master of all.
- One stop shop for DE&I, team development, employee engagement, employee resource groups, cultural awareness and communication. Everything to get the best out of your diverse teams and individuals to make your business a success. All infused with a touch of fun.
- Her personality type is ENFP – Campaigner. She is also a Spiritual Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

She was born in Slovakia with a Hungarian heritage. Studied hospitality and qualified as a chef which required attention to detail and precision timing. She never fitted in and wanted a challenge herself.

- That’s when she and her mum decided to move to Northern Ireland in 2005.
- Bought a one-way ticket, packed one suitcase each and landed in Belfast with ZERO English and ZERO jobs lined up. All they had, was a friend who let them stay until they got settled in.
- After trying different jobs while learning the language she landed a job with Sensata Technologies (formerly known as Schrader Electronics) in September 2006. She have been with the company ever since and progressed through various positions to where she is now looking after team development and DE&I.

- As a chair of ACE Network and D&I Council NI, her role is to champion and to encourage employees to appreciate the richness of cultures, build meaningful connections and friendships globally to strengthen cultural inclusion and sense of belonging through personal and professional development, shared learning and uplifting activities.
- She was shortlisted and highly commended as a Diversity Champion at the NI Diversity & Equality Awards 2019 & 2020.
- She completed the Boardroom Apprentice Programme 2019/2020 where she spent 12 months with the Equality Commission NI.
-  In 2020 She was part of the Ethnic Minority Leadership pilot program held by the Washington Ireland Program and Centre for Democracy & Peace Building.
-  Joining the board of Mediation Northern Ireland as a trustee in April 2021.

She is passionate about languages, accents and cultures and continue to raise awareness about accent bias and accent discrimination. Her TED talk addresses accent bias and what's it like to be treated differently based on how you sound and speak.

She is currently studying towards a degree in Leadership and Philosophy. Loves reading, hiking, sea water swimming, breath work and plant medicine. Openly talks about her healing journey, addressing her traumas and shadow work with the use of psychedelic assisted therapy.

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