Diana Parkes

Leading authority on women in the world of work

Diana's talk for 2022 is called ‘Stepping beyond the shadows of gendered assumptions’ i.e. how to #BreaktheBias, which shares:

- The reality of the causes of gendered assumptions & the impact on organisations, and individuals
- The economic powerhouse that women represent: the quantification of their worth translated into jaw-dropping terms (rather than meaningless figures)
- How to articulate your own professional value proposition and your potential.
- A specific tool developed by Diana's business (The Women's Sat Nav to Success Ltd) that enables people to identify and quantify the wide range of dimensions that represent their professional value, and their potential. This becomes a permanent source of inner strength and confidence and provides clarity on where these strengths can take you, and when.
- To activate these insights, Diana will also provide a simple technique to convert this easily into a pitch for opportunities.

The outcomes:

Female delegates come away with a very clear sense of how vital they are to their organisation and to the economy; they understand that gendered assumptions are not about personal realities; and they have the tools to immediately define their professional value and potential which provides a powerful springboard right now, and throughout their career.

If you have male delegates, this is also a big wake-up call with advice on strategic priorities for leaders and some practical, clear steps all men can take too. As an outsider, a speaker can be more direct about what is needed to make real change happen.
Making the impact last:

My book, ‘Understand : Dare : Thrive. How to have your best career, from today’ has just been published. This contains a comprehensive portfolio of the most pivotal insights and proven strategies for immediate and sustainable success. It also includes the Professional Value Proposition tool in more detail. If you wish to order copies for delegates a discount is available off the RRP, and for a small additional cost are available.

Diana Parkes BSc BSc MBPsS, is a leading authority on women in the world of work.

Her reputation for cutting through complexity to deliver big wins is built on 20 years delivering exceptional commercial performance in front-line and senior management positions working in and on organisations of every scale.

In 2007 Diana launched the Women’s Sat Nav to Success, dedicating her skills, intellect and resources to cut through psychological and workplace complexity, pioneering original and ongoing research to identify the insights and pragmatic strategies that deliver immediate and sustainable improvements in women’s career outcomes and that enable employers to secure the benefits of inclusive gender balance.

Diana is a Mum, a psychologist, speaker, mentor and social entrepreneur. Diana has delivered workshops and 121s for thousands of women, and organisations seeking enduring positive change.

Diana’s book, 'Understand : Dare : Thrive. How to have your best career, from today', published in January 2022 by The Arkbound Foundation to exceptional reviews.

In this ground-breaking book, Diana draws upon her signature skills for cutting through complexity to reveal the 19 most powerful strategies enabling women to succeed in any type of work, at any level. Diana distils and illuminates contemporary scientific studies, combining it with her own pioneering research, to deconstruct myths about the reasons why men’s and women’s careers differ.

Packed with the candid interviews of 45 women who have made it to the top of their profession or specialism, they openly share with us how they succeeded across their working life. The book shares pivotal insights about human psychology, provides opportunities to assess your own journey and goals, and acts as a manual for
choosing your own best-fit path. This book will show you how to enjoy your best working life, from the very first chapter.

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