Emma Langton

Leadership & wellbeing expert sharing her adoption journey & professional experience in coaching & wellbeing to smash stereotypes & challenge bias

Emma Langton is a much-respected Leadership and Wellbeing expert, as well as the host of the popular podcast ‘Lessons for Leaders’. Emma has spent 20+ years in the corporate world but when she adopted her children 15 years ago, they inspired her to learn about psychology, trauma, stress and resilience. It is through this, and her own learning’s that she now inspires and helps others through coaching, speaking and wellbeing workshops.

When Emma adopted her two children she was told they just need firm boundaries.  Little did she know at the point that they came with a raft of additional needs and some significant trauma.

What followed was some substantial learning experiences as she navigated the world of school, social services, adoption and other support – all whilst trying to keep her job and career on track.  

Emma was frequently told she was bossy and demanding when asking for support and advocating for the children.  She brought to the table 20+ years of experience from her career in training and communication companies to ask for what was needed for her girls in way that got results.

Her speaker sessions share personal and professional stories of adopting her children and advocating for them, cutting through red tape, being assertive in a way that gets results (not criticism) as well as managing stress and enhancing resilience personally, in family and those in business.

The audience take away inspiration as well as straightforward and practical tools and strategies so that they can:

• Be a Confident Communicator to express how you feel or what you want without emotions getting in the way or worrying what people think.
• Change mindsets from ‘being bossy’ or ‘aggressive’ to being a communicator who Speaks Like a Leader
• Create a Can Do Attitude and Raise Resilience in a world where we are bombarded with negativity, stress and pressure to align with expectations.

Emma has delivered motivational and inspirational speeches and training to schools, colleges, social workers and many corporate organisations and professional services.  

She is able to cater talks to a variety of audiences so that your people get the most important message or take-away from the session.

Expect real-life examples, easy-to-action takeaways, laughter and inspiration.


Emma Langton uses her lived experience and professional experience to help others elevate their performance. For the last 10 years Emma has been running her own business sharing leadership and wellbeing coaching and training to organisations. In addition to that, she incorporates her journey of adopting children and 20+ years in corporate business to provided expert knowledge and understanding of boundaries, resilience, and wellbeing.

This unique blend allows Emma to transform audiences and workplaces with professional stories, tips and inspiration on being assertive and persuasive in a way that gets results, as well as managing stress and enhancing performance.

Delivered in a compassionate and inspiring way, it is clear to see that Emma is incredibly passionate about what she does and her reasons for doing so. Emma builds a rapport and understanding with her audience and, unlike some talks, you leave with actionable and easy to implement advice.

Expect real-life examples, easy-to-action takeaways, laughter and inspiration.

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