Bernette Sherman

Breaking down 4 traps that sabotage success and provides solutions so audience members aren't just inspired, they are ready to take inspired action

Bernette delights audiences with her lively personality born from being a natural performer while inspiring them to live authentically in their power and purpose so they show up to work and life bringing their best and full selves to the table.  


Escape the Four Mind Traps Keeping You and Your Brand from Success

Format: ​45 to 60 minute talk or 45-90 minute breakout or .5 day workshop
In this entertaining and informative talk the audience will learn what the four mindset traps are that are responsible for self-sabotaging behavior and how they show up in themselves and other people. They’ll get specific actions they can take to escape the traps and break sabotaging routines.

You’ll be aware of the impact of these mindset traps in your life and business and in the lives of those closest to you. You’ll be able to more quickly identify them when they come up and navigate around them.

This program is perfect for:

​* Women's groups and events
* Businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives struggling with forward momentum
* Teams wanting to push through mental growth hurdles
* Organizations desiring new direction and change

The audience will leave knowing:​

*How the traps impact beliefs and behavior
* What the four Guards are (the traps our mind uses)
* How the Guards can be handled
* New choices possible (Changing of the Guards)

With the breakout session the audience will also leave with:

How to work together to recognize and overcome limiting mindsets to move teams and organizations forward.
A sense of comradery and a memorable experience through the playshop aspect

​I offer a unique and creative approach to sharing key lessons on mindset.

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