Daniela Felletti

Multilingual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speaker passionate about human behavioural and educate humans into a more inclusive world

If you want to “walk the talk” in terms of DEI you need to bring expert and diverse speakers to challenge the conversation during your events.

Bring critical thinking and challenge your panel and audience perceptions:

- Conferences

- Seminars

- Debates, round tables

- Inspirational Talks

- Educational Talks

- Interactive Talks

- Training
DEI Trainings & Workshops
Get trained with a lifelong learning mindset, here are some of the topics I suggest to help you #BreakTheBias:

- Understand and develop Inclusive Leadership traits of character or character traits

- Inclusive Recruitment: How to avoid unconscious bias in hiring.

- Deconstruct Unconscious Bias: with a focus on Multiculturality & Intersectionality

- Empowering future leaders: the role of the intersection of women and underrepresented groups in management positions, how to build empowerment, the importance of mentorship, allyship and how to unlock leadership skills.

- Unlock self-confidence for underrepresented groups

My talks are deliverable in English, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

To learn more about my approach and fees, please contact me by email on contact@danielafelletti.com

** I am a professional DEI Speaker and I do not accept unpaid/volunteer speaking opportunities for corporates **

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