Anu Pala

Promoting diversity and inclusion through authenticity, real stories, and creativity

Anu brings over 25-years of experience in the areas of diversity, and inclusion training, vocational consulting, coaching, and fundraising. Through her personal story of vision loss, specialised trainings, public speaking events, and podcast, Anu has been instrumental in changing the way people think about diversity and inclusion and has shared realistic solutions to employers on how to recruit and retain employees with disabilities.

In addition, Anu has inspired, motivated,  and empowered hundreds of individuals to maximize their potential and opportunities, reach their personal and professional goals, and live a positive and purposeful life.

Anu's expertise has been featured in media outlets including CBC Radio, Joy TV, AMI TV, and other radio and print publications. In 2019, Anu was a recipient of the Founders Award in recognition of having exemplified the qualities of leadership, sustainability and personal development through Royal Roads University and a delegate of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2020 and 2021.

As a freelance columnist, podcaster, performer, and writer, Anu thrives on injecting creativity into everything she does. Her philosophy is to experience life with enthusiasm, positivity and a glass half-full attitude.

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