Jenni Retourné

Founder of Willowberry skincare, British Beauty Council's Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Committee member, representing age diversity in beauty

Jenni Retourné has worked in beauty for nearly 20 years, as a beauty editor and marketing manager before launching her own skincare brand, Willowberry, in 2017.

Willowberry was born from Jenni’s desire to provide natural skincare designed especially for the needs of grown-up skin, without telling people to 'reverse' their faces. Willowberry encourages women to Age Without Apology and age representation in beauty is at the heart of everything Willowberry does.

Jenni’s goal is to change the language, representation and perception of age and ageing in beauty. This includes the launch of Willowberry’s Age Without Apology Pledge, which invites the beauty industry to join forces to make real change, together.

Jenni’s work towards changing the age narrative in beauty has been recognised by the British Beauty Council, which appointed Jenni as a member of the British Beauty Council Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Committee, to represent age diversity in beauty and help lead industry change.

Jenni is a confident, natural public speaker with experience in event talks, panel talks, interviews, event hosting and direct-to-camera conversations. Her continued work on age diversity in beauty makes her an authority on the topic and she welcomes any speaking opportunities on age, ageism and age diversity in beauty.

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