Dr. TIffany M Jenkins

We All Have A Voice! Facilitating Equitable Conversation

Dr. Tiffany M. Jenkins (affectionately known as “Dr. J”) is the founder and Executive Director of Awakening Change LLC (www.awakeningchange.org).  As a licensed therapist, Dr. Jenkins’ work centers around individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and/or substance use. She blends Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Enhancement Therapy to create safe spaces for individuals and teams to share, learn, and grow.
When not in the therapist’s seat, Dr. Jenkins enjoys working with supervisors and managers to improve leadership outcomes through her innovative coaching curriculum. Dr. Jenkins is also the author of "Reclaiming My Time: A Black Woman's Guide to Self-Care" and was a contributing expert in the anthology, "Shut 'Em Down: Black Women, Racism, and Corporate America".

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