Archita Fritz

Eradicating the silent epidemic that is workplace harassment and bullying

91% of people report experiencing bullying and/or harassment at their place of work, only 30% choose to report it and of these only 4 % receive complete resolution.

Archita of the Speak Out Revolution, a female founded non- profit uses data from research across 14+ industry sectors and 30+ countries to unlock the fundamental challenges our workplaces face when we fail to empower people to speak out!

In order to #breakthebias we need people to speak out! Through this talk Archita weaves in her own personal journey and experience of workplace bullying and harassment as she brings to focus data as a guide to highlight the challenges that exist, tangible ways in which to understand this data and actionable ways in which executives, DE&I and HR leaders, employees and just about anybody can drive the fundamental shift we need to see to disrupt the status quo by empowering allies for workplace inclusion.

For any organization willing to eradicate this silent epidemic Archita urges you to speak out with her!

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