Ashmita Krishna Sharma

Advocate for inclusion on the (virtual) workfloor

Ashmita is a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Consultant and Strategist who has more than 9 years of experience with working in and for large corporates like Shell, Deloitte and Mediq in change management.

The red thread in her career has always been: being your authentic self and making a positive impact.

From these values she started her own advisory firm: Sparkling Gems where she is on a mission to help organisations set up a DEI-strategy towards an inclusive workfloor. For this she uses the power of data and creativity.

Keynote topics you can book her for are:

* #BreaktheBias * : especially for International Women's Day 2022, this keynote in on how to overcome our prejudices and sterotypes through empowerment of the individual

* Embrace your inner rebel * :  let the power of your own rebel guide you through life authentically

* Grassroots DEI * : how can you grow an inclusive workfloor; spoiler: collect your ambassadors

* 'A catalysator for change'* : on the transformative features of empathy

* Courageous Data Talks * : create faster and impactful changes by using data as a driver for your DEI-strategy

In her free time Ashmita loves reading, writing and playing RPG-games where she wishes to see more gender empowering characters.

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