Maria Carmela Zabala

Multi-passionate educator, truth-seeker, lifelong learner who helps women begin again

Carmela V Zabala is a multi-passionate educator, truth-seeker, facilitator and advocate of inclusion and wider access to lifelong learning and education.  

She left her successful corporate work in the Philippines, Madrid and development work in the UK to start mastering herself. Her previous corporate work and academic studies brought her all the advancement and promotion but she felt unfulfilled and inadequate in dealing with real-world challenges. She felt she needed to expand her culture, deepen her self-awareness, grow her mindset, wisdom and confidence, be challenged, be unsettled, explore her beliefs and convictions to scrutiny so she can lead herself and others effectively, share her gifts generously and serve her community meaningfully.

She travelled, volunteered, went back to school and took personal development extensively to get to know herself deeply, live consciously and started documenting her journey which gave birth to SELFMatters which today hosts and runs private and public events and courses at SELFMatters Academy and  SELFMatters for Business for women, young people transitioning into the world of work and organizations across sectors.  

As a result of her work at SELFMatters, Carmela and her team were able to help thousands of people make decisions and choices that support their future, discover their gifts and elevate their lives through their transformational programme.

She loves to draw, creates artwork and finds the intersection of her multi- interests and passions and her previous work background in banking, investment consulting, development work, spirituality and travels into the courses and modules she and her team develop. And as a lifelong volunteer in the Philippines and abroad, she mentored youths, worked for a social housing organisation on the financial inclusion programme and leads projects from fundraising to rolling out BLOOM, a social and emotional literacy course.

She dedicates her life to influencing culture, transforming lives, sharing her thinking and creating the most impact on women, young people and organizations to begin again, seek greatness and live fulfilling, joyful and meaningful lives.

She lives out her gifts in service to God and others.

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