Sara Chambers

Brand Strategist for purpose-driven companies and podcast host

Sara Chambers is the CEO and Creative Director of Elly and Nora Creative, a boutique agency specializing in branding, digital content, and publicity. They focus on building and executing purpose-driven brands and love doing work at the intersection of income and impact.

Sara loves collaborating, community, and coffee. Alliteration is clearly her favorite literary device and she's a fierce advocate for the Oxford comma.  She loves good food, deep conversation, and the thrill of the perfect thrift store find. She's an Enneagram 8 and knows that Heaven is filled with the best books.

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It's Cool to Care:
Successful brand positioning is closely tied to an organization's established values, but they have to be more than a poster on the wall in a break room. Sara will help you understand how your company's values, cause-based marketing, and empathetic messages can create a meaningful connection with a like-minded audience creating unbreakable brand loyalty.

Attendees will walk away better understanding how to establish and live out their brand values at every touchpoint in their business.


Personal Brand Workshop:
People connect with people, not companies. Join Sara Chambers as she helps your internal team of executives build their personal brand and leverage their own superpowers to gain the trust and confidence of your audience.
Attendees will enjoy a jam-packed day of brand building that combines learning and hands-on execution. They'll walk away with:
Brand Messaging: Discover and create their foundational brand positioning and how to leverage their own personality and passions in the context of your company.
Complete Visual Brand: Create the visual structure for their personal brand including mood boarding, color theory, typeface selection, and more.
Content Execution: Now we have the words and the visuals, but now what? We'll show your team of executives how to plan, create, and execute content that will position them as an expert in your industry.

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