Laura Topper

International thought leader, speaker and founder of the Women of Power Movement

Rev Laura is an acclaimed global thought leader, teacher, speaker and wayshower for those identified as women, ready to step more fully into the leaders that they are and live into the vision ...  

do less      be more.       keep it simple              impact greatly

When Laura steps into your space, you will be moved and  guided by her light her knowing, experience, humour and practical application of spiritual wisdom.

Centred in consciousness science, ancient wisdom new thought teachings and neuroscience, Laura unravels and unpacks the UNIQUE richness of diversity of the midlife awakening adventure known by the name menopause, to reveal the infinite potential of possibilities that await women as they awaken to their true nature through this experience.

Laura's DYNAMIC message and song! embodies consciousness, science and spiritual awareness, inspiring you to take action as an organisation to align with the dynamic midlife awakening adventure and empower midlife, menopause and business as a tremendous opportunity for expansion and evolution for the individual and collective consciousness of your community, and beyond.  

Laura speaks regularly in person and online for spiritual community events, women's organisations, retreats and leadership events.

Lauras Continued Educational Pathway

- Laura’s Teachings Are Rooted In Her 20 Year Study Of Women’s Health, Spirituality, New Thought, Consciousness Studies And Ancient Wisdom Philosophy

- Laura Awakened With An Outerbody Experience In 2012 Whilst Walking A Labyrinth In San Diego USA

- Laura Has Recently Completed A 5 Year Academic Training In Consciousness Studies, Spiritual Potentiality, New Thought And Spiritual Leadership at Holmes Institute and Centres for Spiritual Living

- Laura Has A Masters Degree Distinction In Women’s Health / Menopause Exercise And Health Behaviour

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