Bianca Miller Cole

Award-winning entrepreneur, Sunday Times Bestselling Author and personal branding expert

Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker and Sunday Times Bestselling Author

Bianca Miller - Cole is an award-winning Entrepreneur and founder of ‘go to’ personal branding business ‘The Be Group’ created to inspire workforce potential. The business has an impressive list of clients including Facebook, Accenture, AMEX, Google, Clifford Chance, Deloitte, CMS, Microsoft, Tesco, BlackRock, PWC, KPMG, BT, EY to name a few.

Bianca became known as a public face after an excellent performance on BBC business competition, The Apprentice in 2014. Where she initially pitched the idea to redefine nude hosiery via her brand Bianca Miller London and has since taken it from idea to reality, including being awarded ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ status and added to the FT EMpower list for her work. Bianca's desire to change the 'nude' landscape had her labelled in the media as a 'women's fashion visionary'.

She is an in-demand public speaker and was awarded a Power Profile in 2016 as one of the most important leaders on LinkedIn out of 20 million UK members, she holds a plethora of awards, titles and is often regarded as a leader in the women-led business space. In 2017 she co-authored the bestselling book; Self Made: The Definitive Guide to Business Start-up Success, to help others on their personal brand and business journey. She has since developed a mentoring programme which sees her and co-author / husband Byron Cole mentor hundreds of entrepreneurs.

In 2019, Bianca appeared as the expert business advisor in Channel 4 show ‘Save Well, Spend Better’ in a 6-part series to help members of the public with their financial dilemmas. Bianca’s second book ‘The Business Survival Kit’ published by Penguin Random House in 2021 became a ‘Sunday Times Bestseller’ in two categories in its first week of publication. The book chronicles tips to help every busy professional and entrepreneur not only survive but thrive in business, covering topics like imposter syndrome, anxiety, goal setting, romantic relationships, financials, stakeholder management, networking etc.

However, her work does not stop there – she continues to work with organisations to inspire men and women alike to believe in their dreams but moreover to understand the actions required to make them a reality!

Bianca's keynote topics include :

- Her Dreams to Reality Speech about her journey in business, including the obstacles that she has faced, the lessons she has learned and tips on how to support the audience in making their dreams a reality.

- Building Your Personal Brand - with a specific focus on the steps women can take the build their personal brand in an often competitive male dominated environment to build an indelible personal brand.

- Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture  

- Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Bianca can also create bespoke talks to align with the needs and culture of any organisation.

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