Ruby Wax

Mental health campaigner, Sunday Times Bestseller, Appointed Honorary OBE for Services to mental health

Ruby Wax is a revered mental health campaigner and author, who has dedicated her life to raising awareness of mental health issues through writing books, appearing in documentaries, and speaking at events around the world. Sharing her personal struggles with mental health, Ruby has shared her lived experience of bipolar disorder and depression. Her work in the area of mental health is highly acclaimed, and has seen her appointed Honorary OBE in the 2015 Special Honours and with the City Lit Lifetime Achievement Award.

As a passionate advocate for mental health, Ruby encourages people to speak out about their experiences and seek help if necessary. She believes talking about mental health issues is essential for reducing stigma and improving public understanding. Her own mental health journey has inspired her to lead campaigns which raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues. To further spread her advocacy for mental health, Ruby has authored the books A Mindfulness Guide For Survival, A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled, How Do You Want Me?, How To Be Human, Sane New World and And Now, For The Good News. She has also acted as the Chancellor of Southampton University and a Visiting Professor at Sussex University.

Ruby Wax’s work in the mental health field has significantly impacted many people's lives. Her dedication to raising awareness about mental health issues and her efforts to reduce the stigma associated with them have been instrumental in changing public perception of mental illness and making it easier for people to seek help. Having also acted as an Ambassador of the British Neuroscience Association, MIND and SANE, Ruby is the perfect speaker for International Women’s Day when looking for a speaker who will empower women to take control of their mental health and wellbeing.

Topics include:
• Mental Health and Wellbeing
• Neurology and Psychology
• The Medicine of Laughter
• Ending Mental Health Stigma
• Improving Communication Skills
• Human Behaviour
• Psychological Functioning

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