Kristi Hemmer

Putting more women in power since 2013 because research shows when women lead the world is a better place for all

When Kristi Hemmer, M.Ed. was eight years old, she declared she would be President, start her own school, write a book like Judy Blume, and circumnavigate the world like Magellan.

Today, Kristi is President-of her own company-Academy for Women’s Empowerment, SBC. AWE’s mission is to put more women in power, because when women lead the world is a better place for everybody.

And it’s a school. Her social business started with a question straight from her classroom, “Why do girls and women shrink in a classroom, boardroom, and conversation?”

The expectation for women and girls to be less than, made Kristi mad enough to quit her six-figure job in Tokyo in 2010 and travel the world (living on $20 a day) to answer the question and solve the problem. She found her answer in Nicaragua-social entrepreneurship.

Kristi published Quit Being So Good: Stories of an Unapologetic Woman on International Women’s Day, 2021. Her book changes lives. One woman left an abusive relationship of seven years, another woman asked for a raise and got it, another woman started her own business, and even Kristi’s male cousin felt more confident after reading "Quit Being So Good."

And indeed-Kristi has circumnavigated the world-she has traveled to 67 plus countries solo-including the Strait of Magellan. During COVID, she launched her Unapologetic Tour out of her Moxie Mobile (Jeep Wrangler) and traveled thousands of miles across the USA spreading moxie.

"Kristi's message is simple and accessible while very thought provoking and profound. Her interactive style and relatable stories made it easy for everyone to be a part of the conversation-this very large audience felt like a small community in no time. Kristi is fun, engaging, and powerful.” Maria, corporate executive leader

“Kristi not only addresses the problems in today’s society, she provides real, tangible steps to make change.” Noelle, entrepreneur

“Gain confidence and experience to become more powerful.” Tangela, community activist
“In a short time at the Women’s Fund luncheon, Kristi reignited my fire for advocacy. Also, her unique way of empowering women was an experience to see.” Edwina, educator

“Learn to have MOXIE with Kristi!” Kali, student

As an educator, Kristi can create a session just for you. Here are three trending sessions for #iwd.

1. #bewhatshecansee: three steps to unapologetic.

2. The Great Equalizer: the power of sponsorship.

3. The Power of Presence: own your story.

Kristi has worked with changemaking organizations like Land O’ Lakes, Asurion, Accenture, Medtronic, Loras College, US Bank, RBC, Delta Airlines, Comcast, Seagate, Highpoint, Nutrien, University of Kentucky, and many more.

Kristi has influenced thousands around the world to take up space, be first, and look for the helpers. Now she wonders, "What would be different if YOU took up space, unapologetically?" Find out this International Women’s Day.

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