Anne Bonney

Fun, fresh and Interactive, igniting audience's courage to embrace the discomfort of change.

Change is hard.  Factor it all in: new ideas, organizational change, industry evolution, technology modernization, personal changes, and oh yeah...a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.  With all that, business (and life) can get overwhelming. The problem is, change ain’t going away.  The only constant IS change, especially in today's fast-paced business environment. Having the tools to overcome and adapt to the challenges that transitions bring will improve your effectiveness as an employee and as an organization.  

In this engaging (and fun!) presentation, Anne Bonney, Change Management authority and author, will spark your courage with the ground-breaking concepts from her red-hot book by the same name, GET OVER IT!  You’ll have to turn up the AC for this high energy, “bring the heat” keynote.  Your participants will leave armed with strategies to extinguish the burning inferno that transition has caused in your organization.

• Immediately impact your culture to one of acceptance and engagement, increasing productivity
• Alleviate the burden of stress that change has caused in your organization and yourself
• Reduce “water cooler” talk that negatively influences attitudes within the workplace

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