Evelien Scherp

Speaker, trainer, coach | Ex-BCG | Topic: 3 powerful mindset shifts to embrace equity in the workplace

Evelien is an experienced, certified speaker who has worked as strategy consultant, culture transformation expert and professional coach for over 7 years.

She works with professionals to expand their toolkit of mindset shifts and practical day-to-day actions to have both success AND wellbeing at work.

This includes fundamental tools to feel authentic at work, recognise our own achievements, and feel a sense of contribution, as well as grow a nurturing support network and take care of our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing at work.

It starts with having the self-awareness to recognise feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt, understanding what we need instead to feel confident and energised, and learning how to communicate effectively about our needs.

These steps also apply to equity in the workplace. In order for an employer to be able to provide the appropriate tools to employees to be successful, they need to know what an employee considers valuable support to achieve their outcomes.

There are common fears and beliefs that prevent us from recognising, understanding and communicating our needs though. So in order to have that dialogue between employer and employees, we need to first shift mindset.

Evelien is available as speaker to share her insights on "Three powerful mindset shifts to realise equity in the workplace".

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