Nistha Trehun

Berlin-based Indian Entrepreneur experienced in working with global giants unveils her startup's journey from 0 to 1

Expand your startup from ground zero with the insights of a Berlin-based Indian Corporate Event Planner, who has orchestrated over 300 events and hosted thousands globally, collaborating with the biggest companies such as Amazon, Google, MIT and Facebook.

Starting a business alone can be isolating, especially in a foreign country. Her talk will revolve around the early steps you need to start a business from scratch and build a momentum that gives high-yielding results over a short period of time while maintaining a thrill for what you do. She emphasizes the importance of building a robust support system by sharing how she cultivated a network that propelled her toward success.

Drawing from her role as the founder of a globally successful startup, she will also delve into the art of leadership. Learn valuable lessons on establishing connections, building a team of freelancers who are as excited as you for your mission, and creating a foundation for lasting professional relationships and business associations worldwide. Discover firsthand how she built a diverse and thriving team, breaking barriers to create an inclusive work culture that fosters creativity and innovation.

She also understands the unique challenges faced by expats, especially women seeking opportunities. Beginning a venture from scratch is daunting, especially in a new land with unfamiliar cultural and linguistic landscapes. Nistha intimately understands these struggles, having conquered them herself, and shares her profound insights into overcoming the initial hardships that often deter aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Her mission is to encourage women from diverse backgrounds to discover their passions and turn them into thriving businesses that nourish their souls and keep them enthralled. She believes that every woman has the potential to build a career they love, regardless of their starting point. In a world of infinite possibilities, she aspires to help women turn challenges into stepping stones.

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