Maria Drueco

Founder, DEI Strategist, Speaker, Author of "UnHide Yourself: Break Free from Bias, Stigma & Stereotypes"

Maria Drueco is an immigrant and woman of color who brings various experiences in travel, healthcare, DEI, talent management, and antiracism advocacy. With over 25 years in these fields, Maria is a seasoned expert, guiding organizations toward positive, resilient change.

Her global travels and cultural insights offer a unique perspective on diversity, not just discussing it but living it. This experience shaped her approach to fostering inclusive workplaces.

Maria's commitment to authentic leadership and inclusivity is reflected in her personal journey of overcoming bias, stigma, and stereotypes. Detailed in her book "UnHide Yourself," her story is a testament to resilience, serving as a blueprint for leaders. The book is more than just a narrative; it's a movement toward authenticity, empowering individuals and organizations to overcome challenges and build a more equitable future.

Understanding the importance of holistic well-being, Maria emphasizes personal and professional balance. This approach is vital in creating thriving organizations and underscores her belief in resilience as a cornerstone of success.

Maria's ability to connect globally makes her presentations transformative. She's not just a speaker, but a global connector, bridging cultures and inspiring change.

In a world where DEI is crucial, Maria Drueco is a strategic asset. Her experience, commitment, and insight are invaluable in navigating toward an empowered, inclusive, and resilient future.

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