Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Author, international speaker & wealth psychology coach

Are you a woman who struggles to negotiate your worth? Kathleen Burns Kingsbury understands. She's been there herself, having grappled with the fear and uncertainty of negotiation. And she's cracked the code, transforming that fear into focus and, ultimately, financial confidence.

Kathleen’s not your average money mindset coach - she’s walked the walk in business negotiations, understands the psychology behind financial decisions, and thrives in sharing that knowledge and empowering women like you to do the same. Her signature program, “Unleash Your True ValueTM: How to Shift Your Negotiation Mindset, Boost Your Confidence, and Close More Sales,” is the culmination of her expertise, honed through years of helping women executives and entrepreneurs break free from the money silence inherent in negotiation anxiety.

With a background teaching negotiation at Harvard Law School and guiding students at top universities like Bentley and Champlain College, Kathleen's credentials speak volumes. She brings a unique blend of financial insight and psychological expertise to her game-changing programs.

Recognized by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others, Kathleen's not just making waves - she's reshaping the landscape for women in wealth. Her mission? Empower women like you to be emotionally intelligent and gender-aware in client interactions.

And she's not all business - when she's not trailblazing the field of women and wealth, she's conquering ski slopes and exploring the great outdoors in Vermont, living life to the fullest.

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