Janet Taras

IWD keynote ‘Embrace Equity for Equality’ informs, provokes and inspires audiences to action. Award-winning Speaker & Business Psychologist Janet Taras delivers a speech that will stay with you long past International Women's Day.

Janet Taras is an award-winning speaker and business psychologist who challenges and supports people in the workforce to have productive, difficult conversations that lead to progress, not arguments. She is an Inclusion & Belonging consultant who spends everyday trying to make the world fairer.

In popular demand, Janet is a creative thinker and her lively and engaging personality is popular with companies.  Offering very tangible and practical strategies, Janet's presentation is certainly a 'Don't miss!'.

She is offering a special IWD 2023 speech called:  ‘Embrace Equity for Equality’ which digs deeply into intersectional issues for women, systemic biases and the need to move the starting line.  It is about fighting disparities by looking at the varying needs of women, not just the majority.  The speech offers thought provoking research, tangible actions and new thinking around the topic of equity.  The audience will leave feeling more aware, educated and ready work toward a more equal world.

Watch her showreel at https://youtu.be/yU5pXvqn9EA

- Janet's keynote speeches and training programs have unleashed 1,000s of essential conversations, resulting in more people feeling empowered to tackle everyday challenges.
- Janet's clients include GSK, Superdrug, Merck, Klarna, Lotus, Prudential, Pepsi, Marks & Spencer’s and many more.  
- She is known as one of the most provocative speakers on Employee voice & Leadership Conversations and has spoken in over 25 cities inspiring more people to speak up, and inspiring more organisations to make it safe to do so.

- Embrace Equity for Equality
- Courageous Conversations
- The Truth about Speaking Up: A research study
- Rap to equality

-       Janet loves research, especially narrative analysis
-       Janet loves to RAP and won Best Practice Video for IWD 2019
-       She is an entrepreneur who founded 2 businesses.
-       She has lived in 6 different countries and is slightly dog obsessed.

"Thank YOU for being a Catalyst of Change. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, It inspired me to step out again and believe I can do it.” Delphine, GSK

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