Maya Toussaint

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging advocate, Learning & Development Program Manager, Personal Branding & Culture Specialist

Maya Toussaint (she/her/hers) is a facilitator and DEI content tour guide with over 15 years of recruitment and HR experience.  Maya is easy to spot and hear in a crowd with her big colourful hair and hearty laugh.  Maya brings a sense of humour, empathy, and real-world context to topics such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, allyship and anti-racism practices. Maya has spoken at large events/conferences hosted by companies such as LinkedIn and Microsoft and regularly facilitates education sessions around DEI and recruitment strategy for global organizations. She currently works for Amazon as a DEI Learning & Development Program Manager.

While Maya has led discussions and keynotes around a variety of topics, the most popular themes/topics are around

• Power & Privilege
• Creating Diverse and Inclusive teams
• Becoming an Active Bystander
• DEI + Mental Health
• Intersectionality
• Courageous Cultures
• Inclusive Leadership
• Fireside Chat/General session with Q&A on a given topic
• Beyond the LinkedIn Profile: Tips and Tricks to stand out online and market yourself as a brand
• Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging: creating safe spaces for employees to thrive
• Culture Building for Leaders

Maya launched the first Black Employee Resource Group at LinkedIn (Black Inclusion Group) in 2016 and is a founding council member of the Concordia University Black Alumni Network.

While you can get a sense of her career on LinkedIn, here is a brief of her background:
15+ years Recruitment & HR
13+ years facilitation and training
6+ years DEI specific training
5+ years Branding + Marketing with a DEI lens
Worked at LinkedIn, Shopify and now Amazon

She loves connecting in person! But with the virtual world she is very comfortable using:
Zoom, Teams, Webex, Googlemeet, Chime, Broadcast, Skype, Bluejeans and GoToMeeting

Maya is based in Montreal, Quebec, is fully bilingual (English & French) and loves to travel.

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