Anna Lempriere

Speak YOU- inspiring Women to USE their Voices.

What stops us from really sharing who we are at work?

What gets in the way of us Sharing Who we are?

Define: Who am I? What is my Message?

I believe it is our judgements within the collective mind, we as a society are conditioned to perceive a 'perfect' that is not real, a perfect that will never match any standard and a perfect that actually creates the opposite, i.e: Self consciousness, a need for approval, never celebrating success, a feeling of isolation, a lack of trust of others.

1) WHAT ARE YOUR GIFTS? We will experiment with timeline therapy- this is about navigating your life so far and mining the gold of your unique experiences.

2) WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? When we get very clear on where we are going and our WHY, this drives huge waves of confidence. All the great sages, psychologists, artists, writers, philosophers, spoke of a higher meaning, a reason for being, our individual direction.
Ultimately we'll explore self actualisation, in other words, finding ways to be freer, accepting our shadow and celebrating our gifts, this is the highest goal of being human.

3) BEING AN ACT OF SERVICE: When we get out of the way, when we make it all about the other, we lose all limitations, and self consciousness, all of a sudden we are supported by unseen forces and people. You being you, is an act of service in and of itself.

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