Native American descendant sharing her journey as an Author & Museum Curator

A Day in my Moccasins

Topic: Carving out a Legacy & Historic Native American Women Sunkskwa/Chief's

Oleana is a Native American descendant sharing her journey as an Author, Museum Curator, and inductee of the Women of the Americas Exhibit: "We are not bound by our moccasins, we merely walk gracefully in them".

Are you suppressing your inner desire to change your destiny? Are you feeling weighed down by the responsibilities of fulfilling everyone else's needs? Would you rather pretend that your secret ambitions could never be a reality? Does the idea of limited resources and funds deter you from even trying?

Oleana will openly share her personal journey that has ultimately catapulted her into the Public Speaking arena. Her journey from living a private life tucked away in anonymity to becoming a Published Author is a decision that for most would seem unlikely.  A single decision of courage and faith that many of us face eventually. Carving out your legacy is determined by how carefully you can  navigate the proverbial waters that will ultimately sustain you.  Planning, Developing, and finally executing that single idea from your burning desire into reality can be an efficient and seamless process when your talents, experiences, fortitude, and abilities all align .

Attendees will be introduced to a reading from her Poetry Book; Reflections of a Whispering Dove; Entangled in a Simmons Serenade (a volume of Poems gifted by Def Poetry Jam Co-Founder Danny Simmons & permanently archived in the Schomburg Center for Research and the renowned Poets House).

This will be followed by an open dialogue, uncovering women's embodiment of their inherited roles as Daughters, Sisters, Wives and Mothers.
You will be introduced to historic Native American leading women known as Sunkskwa's who were Chiefs, Military leaders, Doctor's and Treaty signers. These legendary women in Native American culture were the norm, not the exception and worthy of further exploration.

We have all inherited a legacy upon our birth, and it’s our choice whether we live with the one we are born into, or embark upon a new higher vision of ourselves, one which will leave a memorable mark for future generations.                
"We are not bound by our moccasins, we merely walk gracefully in them".


A Museum Professional over 10 years & Outreach Liaison who curates Native American Public Programs and Exhibitions, spotlighting Traditional & Contemporary Indigenous Artists titled *Beyond the Oak Tree Treaty.

She stayed connected to The Arts while working as a Props Shopper for The Juilliard School of Music and ultimately the acclaimed Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Recently launched into the art of Spoken Word, she shares her inherited diary of published Poems *Reflections of a Whispering Dove gifted by Def Poetry Jam founder; Danny Simmons (now a permanent volume of the Schomburg Center for research and the renowned Poets House). Likewise, she presents newly written material aimed to broaden the myopic perspective of contemporary Native Americans, imagining a new reverence for life beyond the Reservation.

Lending her image as a Native American Advocate, Educator and Poetess, Oleana's recently debuted Portrait as the Tsalagi Water Spider instates her legacy intrinsic to the newly expanded Exhibition by award winning Photographer *Lisa Levart.

Additionally, Oleana  is a NYC American Indian community House member, working alongside Ramapough-Lenape Chief Perry.

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