Yvonne Harley

Newly appointed granny, this tattooed biker and executive of a UK listed company reveals why some leaders are born women

Yvonne is based in the central belt of Scotland where she lives with her husband of 30+ years, her son who refuses to leave home, her rescued cat (who has landed on her paws) and her daughter and granddaughter who apparently live in their own house but maintain the right to residence in the family home too.

Her career started back in 1988 where she trained as a digital cartographer, which was really an excuse to be able to leave home and be independent. Marriage, family and a fear of growing old she went into higher education to study communications at the grand old age of 26 to get serious about her career. As the oldest person in the class she threw herself into opportunities to give herself an edge over her fellow students - from getting elected as the Student President, to working part time as a trainer for Sky TV and being appointed as the NUS Scotland mature student's officer.

She shares insights into her life, talking about juggling ill health, family tragedy, guilt of being a globe trotting workaholic who only engaged with her kids through social media.

Laughter and sadness traverse her journey across the educational sector where she stepped into her first formal leadership position as a student Board of Management member, through her communications career in television, start-up telecommunications, finance, oil and gas, shipping and now technology.

Expect stories about motorbikes, rock music (including a chance meeting with Alice Copper) as well as learning the hard way about mental illness from close family members and how she's used her life experience to continue to inspire herself and others and develop her career.

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