Susie Ramroop

Energising and inspiring specialist in breaking unhelpful thought patterns like imposter syndrome

Most popular talks include:
- Can you ever really be yourself at work?
- Beating imposter syndrome the easy way
- Leadership in this disruptive digital age
- The power of focus

Susie believes that even when the workplace is fair not enough women will put themselves forward for leadership positions.  She has an approach that encourages women to take the leader before they get the job title in preparation for their bigger future.

She is an expert in how to convey what you really think without conflict, finding your own way to be vulnerable in a way that will get you promoted, and leaving self doubt behind once and for all

She has experience in technology innovation and healthcare transformation so has a wealth of examples she can use to illustrate her arguments that will have you surrendering your unhelpful thoughts and silence your inner critic.


Susie Ramroop qualified as a Performance Coach in 2006, whilst Directing transformation teams in the tech sector.  Her training helped her to realise that capability and joy were not the same thing – on reaching the top of her game, she felt flat, and so she redirected her efforts and crafted a career that focuses on making a difference to leaders of the future.  She empowers people to take the time to know themselves, show true leadership before they get the title, and unlock the path to bigger, more impactful work.

Nothing gets past Susie - she sees all of your brilliance and will call out your limiting behaviour so that you surrender chuckling.  Susie is an articulate and empowering Coach, who brings laser focus and an enormous heart to lasting business and personal growth.

As the UK's thought leader on imposter syndrome, Susie is an exciting and, occasionally, hilarious speaker that will have you raring to take action (that makes a difference) as you leave the room.

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