J'Anmetra Waddell

Author of Fearless Woman Born to Give Thanks and Transition to Freedom

J’Anmetra, the ONLY Live Past Crazy Specialists, works strategically with individuals to identify, analyze and release the crazy in their lives while providing a safe space for them to master their ability to begin to Live Past Crazy.  

J’Anmetra is an award winning and Amazon’s International Bestselling Author of Fearless Woman Born to Give Thanks and Transition to Freedom. She has had the opportunity to share the screen with the late actor Tommy Ford in the movie The Last Time.  

J’Anmetra has an amazing ability to connect immediately with her audience and invite them into her experience of Living Past Crazy. Her philosophy and deep desire is to support those who are for their journey to begin to Live Past Crazy.

She is a strong advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence. She believes that educating and bringing awareness to the community, we can empowerment and effectively change our families and our communities.

At 40, she instantly understood that she had to start being who she was born to be - a leader, teacher, trainer, thought creator, a REBEL.

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