Laura Piccardi

Stress management & performance expert specialising in helping women take total control of their careers, health & lives

Laura is an International Stress Management Expert, Performance Coach, Speaker and Author of the bestselling book, Unfaked. Her mission is to make a massive dent in the statistics of lifestyle-related disease and levels of distress, that are rapidly increasing as a result of our highly pressured and busy lifestyles.

Laura’s incredible story of transforming her own life, after she worked herself into the ground and watched her business burn down, is the inspiration and motivation behind her mission. She recognised that while people now have more opportunities than ever, they are also more stressed and overwhelmed than ever, which is impacting their health, success, relationships and mental wellbeing.

Laura now uses her journey and experience of working with hundreds of clients to teach women how to change the way they think and behave so they too can live truly successful and fulfilled lives. The results are life changing.

Her refreshing honesty and upfront playful approach gives her audiences an experience like no other. They walk away feeling inspired, energised and liberated, because they understand what’s really holding them back, they know how to change, and most importantly they’re motivated to take action.

Laura has created a talk specifically for this year's IWD theme, which inspires women to #breakthebias within themselves, so they have more confidence to walk their own path, achieve what they really want in life and affect change in their wider communities.

It's a fact that women are our own harshest critics. We're constantly comparing ourselves to others, setting unrealistic expectations and beating ourselves up for not achieving the unachievable.

As a result we become stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and insecure - which of course affects our work, health, relationships and our ability to make the impact we want in the world.

So if we truly want to #breakthebias and achieve everything we know we're capable of, we must first #breakthebias within ourselves.

More specifically, the talk covers:

- Why everyone has a fundamental need to prove themselves and how this could be driving their decisions and actions
- How to leverage the way their brain works to #breakthebias within themselves and increase their confidence to drive for what they really want
- Practical strategies they can easily employ every day to create this change for life

Other popular speaking topics include:

The fire that freed me: Laura shares her incredible journey from success to rock bottom and back again, after her business burned to the ground. This is a motivational talk about overcoming adversity and creating opportunity from tragedy.

The busyness epidemic: Laura talks about the impacts of busyness on our bodies and minds — how to overcome this and how to create a new definition of health and success. This is an educational talk designed to motivate the audience to think differently about their approach to wellbeing and their lifestyles.

It’s not them, it’s you: Laura teaches the audience how to master the way they communicate with themselves, so they can take total control of the way they feel and respond, and achieve real success - both personally and professionally. This is an insightful talk that empowers the audience by teaching them that they have more control over their lives than they think.

Laura is happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have and tailor her material to suit your audience. Her speciality topics include:

- Stress Management
- Personal Performance
- Communication
- Presenting
- Confidence
- Change
- Goal Setting

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