Susannah Davda

Shoe expert on a mission to empower women to feel great in their shoes. Transforming women's lives from the feet up.

With 22 years’ experience in the footwear industry and an overwhelming passion for all things shoes, Susannah has a bank of topics at her fingertips to delight your audience with.

She has delivered highly entertaining talks at Somerset House, De Montfort University, Miss Jones PA, Pure London, University of Northampton, and various women’s groups in the UK.

Susannah promises to captivate your audience by sharing insights into the ladies’ shoe fashion world, delivered with her upbeat personality and a great sense of humour!

It will be her pleasure to tailor her talk to your event, simply tell her what you are looking for. To give you an idea of the topics Susannah talks to audiences about, here are some of her recent talk titles:

* How shoes empower us
* How to find comfortable, beautiful shoes
* Why we keep buying painful shoes, and how to stop
* High heels: powerful or patriarchal?
* How to invent your own job: who ever heard of a shoe consultant?
* The vegan shoe myth: why ditching leather won't save the planet
* 5 things every woman should know about shoes

Where does Susannah usually speak?
Whilst she is based near London, there are no digital boundaries. So, if your audience wants to hear about shoes, Susannah will happily speak!

She has extensive public speaking experience from delivering keynote presentations in large auditoria to talking to smaller groups.

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