Abiola Nejo

Experienced gender specialist actively involved in crafting value propositions for the women's market at 2 leading financial institutions

Abiola Nejo has a knack for planting seeds of love that create positive change.

As a gender specialist, she is well versed in catering to the lifestyle and financial needs of women.

Her passion for inspiring change and bringing out the best in people led her to work as a volunteer for several impact projects.

Through the projects, Abiola has been able to impart thousands of students across Nigeria, teaching them skills to enable them excel academically and in life.

Abiola has been actively involved in crafting the Value propositions for the Women's Market at 2 leading financial institutions in Nigeria

When she is not working or reading, Abiola oves to travel and usually scouts for the latest restaurants and menus while on her adventures.

She completed her first degree at Covenant University and is currently studying for an Executive MBA at Lancaster University Management School, UK.

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