Cassandra Petrella

Women's mental health registered psychotherapist and founder of not-for-profit I Love Me Campaign for teen girls mental health education

Cassandra Petrella is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She holds a master’s degree in Counselling & Spirituality from a joint program at Saint Paul University & Ottawa University.

Cassandra has many years of psychotherapy experience in treatment, research and education.

She currently provides psychotherapy treatment in her private practice in Ottawa, ON, Senta Counselling Services, with a special focus on women related issues, anxiety management and counselling for adolescent girls.

She is a Clinical Supervisor for novice Psychotherapists.

She is a published author in both academic scientific journals and clinical book publications.

Cassandra is a frequent guest lecturer at Carleton University and Saint Paul University.

She is often invited to speak on the topics such a self-love, women’s mental health, and adolescent mental health.

has an excellent knowledge background and can present on the topics of: adolescent mental health, women's mental health, postpartum experience, pressures of social media on teen girls, self-love and self-care, interpersonal relationships, healthy and safe relationships and anxiety and depression coping skills.

Cassandra founded the not-for-profit organization, the I Love Me Campaign.

I Love Me is a self-love campaign providing mental health education for teen girls through in school programming, community outreach, and online positivity.

She created a mental health curriculum program that is currently provided to teen girls in Canadian high schools.

Cassandra is an advocate for the unique needs of women’s mental health and teen girls mental health.

She believes in the importance of bringing mental health education for teen girls into schools, so that girls can learn preventative coping skills that will allow them to cope well with future mental health concerns as adult women.

Cassandra strives to empower young teen girls to grow to become strong, self-loving women.

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