Caitlin Basset

Captain of Australia's national netball team the Diamonds with experience in media

Caitlin Bassett is the current captain of Australia's national netball team, the Diamonds. Starting netball at the age of 11, Caitlin has dominated the netball scene and is widely regarded as a competitive player as well as a great leader and friend.

Caitlin first entered the Diamond’s squad in 2008 and has since scored over 2000 goals for the side. Caitlin has an unbelievable 90% accuracy when shooting for goal, scoring 2038 of her attempted 2268 shots.

Caitlin is a passionate leader and is always looking to learn when it comes to leading her team. In her words "I don’t pretend to be perfect but instead focus on being genuine, and that is what I continually come back to when the pressure is on – being an open and real leader."

Caitlin has experience media, currently finishing her Communications degree majoring in Broadcast & Journalism. She is well spoken and passionate about topics such as leadership & women in sport.

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