Joanna Weston

Part-time financial analysis and full-time professional netball player inspiring young girls around Australia

Part-time financial analysis and full-time professional netball player Joanna Weston is an inspiration to young girls all around Australia.

“I love being part of a team and a sport that encourages female empowerment and sisterhood," she says in women's health Australia.

Jo is an uncompromising defender with an ability to read the play and create intercepts. She made her Samsung Diamonds debut in 2015 and in 2018 she was part of the Australian squad that won silver at the Commonwealth Games. Since 2017 she has held a leadership position with the Melbourne Vixens’ defensive end, challenging the world’s best shooters on a weekly basis.

Jo prides herself on being a role model for young girls.

“When I was 10, I would go to the games and hope that a player would come up and sign my poster and I knew how much that meant to me. To be on the other side and on the netball court - you just want to take as much time as possible to connect to as many young girls and fans as possible. You never know what that could mean to them or what they've been going through or how it could inspire them to achieve their goals," she adds.

Jo at her core is a glass-half-full kind of woman. While she hopes and advocates for a day when professional sports women won’t need to work to subsidise their incomes she focuses on the positives and values the broad skill set she has obtained. She believes combining the two makes for better, more rounded athletes and better role models.

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