Kirsty Fields

Library technician who became a rugby lead player and business owner

Anecdoctal and entertaining recollections of a woman working in men's sport from Kirsty Fields will entertain your audience as she details her career journey.

From a humble library technician, to a rising career in rugby league and into the accidental business owner she now is, Kirsty is able to connect to her audience with humour.

When working with clients she has a never-ending joy helping them find their confidence, courage and bravery, to step out and up, to use their voice.

Drawn to significant community causes that others may not know about, but need a champion, Kirsty enjoys supporting a variety of organisations that need a voice to help them amplify their story.

Her internal Yin and Yang strikes the balance for those she works with and compliments what they need as she drive their action to empower them to create their own connections with others.

As an innovator through creativity, a connector of ideas, a collector of people, Kirsty considers their success as her own and this motivates her to continue her own journey in business.

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