Karen Gee

Entrepreneur, founder, creative director and motivational speaker advocating female empowerment

Before launching her entrepreneurial career and cementing her name as one of Australia’s most unique and sought after luxury fashion brands, Karen Gee was a regular mom of five, dedicated to her children with no real career goals in sight.

A setting that resonates with so many women and mothers, Karen realised that looking back, she had somehow lost her sense of self.

It was her young son who first lit the flame of motivation; seeing his mother’s hidden potential, secretly registered Karen for the Mrs. Australia pageant. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Her story covers the highs and lows of stepping out of her comfort zone; of being brave, finding herself, her voice and reconnecting with what defines her; of learning to thrive in health and wellbeing through fitness and creative process, and on bringing balance back into her life.

Through her journey she hopes to inspire and empower women to find their voice, connect to their true self and wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate their own unique qualities.

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