Adimula Rebecca

17 year old handicapped NGO owner, motivational speaker and college student

Becky is a one-handed young girl with a bright future. She speaks on gender education equality for challenged children in Nigeria, her home country. She helps children through school so that not only will they be productive members of society but also know their rights and defend it.

She is currently a 17-year-old college student at the University of Regina, Canada who has overcome the challenges of coping with one hand.
Becky owns a non-profit in Nigeria that motivates young disabled children, especially girls about the importance of education. She has had this foundation since 2015 and she has been able to inspire mothers with disabled children with what she does.

Becky does not just like to speak for gender equality and women's right, she also loves to speak for the handicapped people and inspire women. Becky loves to share her goodwill, ability, and compassion with people.

Becky has always loved to speak for girls. In high school, she had the nickname "Activist" because she believed everyone should be treated equally and fairly.

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