Madeleine F White

Nina-Iraq magazine’s founder, published author, journalist and leading international storytelling consultant

Storyteller and Publications Specialist with a Focus on Women’s Economic Empowerment & capacity building – Debut Novel #motheroffloods digital launch 8th March, in bookshops  in US, Canada, UK from 22nd April

Madeleine is a communications and stakeholder relationship specialist with extensive global networks and a focus on building and strengthening communities in emerging markets through educational technology and entrepreneurial technology solutions.  She has a particular interest in supporting women’s networks and has developed a digitally driven, co-creation approach to support this. Communities impacted have ranged from youth and young parents, to women, diaspora and investment networks. Initially developed in the UK working with disenfranchised youth, the platforms and implementation now include the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. Countries worked in and for include Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Iraq. Madeleine has also supported events in Morocco for T+I and Sweden (see below).

As an internationally respected writer, speaker and trainer Madeleine supports capacity building and awareness of opportunities in a rapidly evolving economic development field by facilitating the sharing of stories and data. As a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for all parties, stories can help shape opportunity by making experiences real for a much wider market as well as the supporting market systems. Madeleine facilitates inspirational stories from businesses at all stages of growth as well as the organisations (up and down the supply chain) they touch upon. Madeleine also identifies and creates relevant platforms such as magazines, websites and ed tech platforms, to ensure these experiences are able to be seen and acted upon. She has a particular interest in linking development funding to impact investment, social enterprise and trade and believes that transparency allows opportunities for collaboration, innovation and funding models to be more readily identified. In this way government, education and private sector actors more readily understand their roles as shareholders in interconnected communities.

As an independent consultant,  Madeleine created Nina-Iraq magazine, digital and print for the World Bank and has acted as rapporteur for the FCO’s Wilton Park. Since 2014 Madeleine has also been keenly involved with Make Trade,  (former Chamber Trade Sweden), a non-profit organisation promoting leadership in trade and development– supporting the communicational technology and build behind Sweden on the Go alongside this. Sweden on the Go is digital platform for business to find qualified international expertise - .  

Other achievements include the concpetualisation of an educational technology proejct (Imlango) created for Whizz Education to serve DFID’s Girls Education Challenge Fund, sucessfully launched in Kenya in 2016. Madeleine’s current lead project is for the Arts Council (England) NPO Pen to Print – launching website and Write On! magazine in order connect diverse and diaspora/ grass groots writers to the wider publishing industry.

Madeleine has a degree in English and German from Leeds University and has worked towards a post graduate certificate in education for Christ Church University. English is Madeleine’s native tongue, but she is bilingual with German and has reasonable French. She has worked extensively in bringing other language translations to life in English as the international business language, regularly contributing to publications such as Iraq, Libya business news.

Her debut novel Mother of Floods is due to launch UK, US and Canada March 2020.

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