Goret Koote

Girl Guide Leader, trainer and spokesperson for the elimination of gender-based violence in Uganda

Goret Koote is a youth advocate with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), based in Kamuli, Uganda.

β€œAt a national level, women have been left behind. There are fewer female Members of Parliament, women are left behind at work and many women in rural communities are still denied their financial rights. We need to sensitise the whole community about value of women, empowering girls to speak out.”

Goret is a full-time teacher, Girl Guide Leader and national training facilitator for Voices Against Violence, a non-formal education curriculum aimed at eliminating gender-based violence in the community and country.

She believes fervently in the global aim to end violence against girls and young women and works closely with schools and decision-makers in her community to educate girls on their rights as women.

She has trained more than 50 young women across Uganda to become agents of change in their own communities and help other women to report cases of abuse, speak out against violence and understanding their rights.

Goret recognises that the barriers to achieving gender equality are still prevalent in Uganda and seeks to use her platform as a youth advocate to influence and engage decision-makers.

Ask Goret about:

- Action on Sustainable Development Goal 5 – gender equality
- National campaign to eliminate violence against girls and women
- Training on gender-based violence

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