Tan Ejin

Campaigner to end child marriage and advocate for Global Sustainable Development Goals

Tan Ejin is a youth advocate with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), based in Melaka, West Malaysia. She speaks Mandarin, English and Malay.

“Just like in a democratic Parliamentary setting, I firmly believe that representation from different backgrounds is key to ensure that voices, as big or as small they may be, are heard in the decision-making level.”

Ejin is a campaigner and part of a team of young activists from the Girl Guides Association of Malaysia, collaborating with UNICEF to raise awareness on nutrition education in Malaysia and educating children on the value of practicing a healthy diet and lifestyle.

She is also a Stop The Violence campaigner and advocate for gender equality in Malaysia. In 2018, she played a part in the national campaign to end child marriage in Malaysia. She and her team advocated to include “End Child Marriage” as a theme in the Girl Guides Association of Malaysia national public speaking competition; the winning presentation became the model for the subsequent national lobbying campaign to change the law on marriage in the country.

Alongside a group of Girl Guides across Malaysia, Ejin’s work has directly resulted in changes to the law on child marriage across the country.
Ejin is a law student, writer and blogger. Her work has been published across various local and national media outlets.  

Ask Ejin about:

- Action on Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3 and 5
- Campaigning to end child marriage across Malaysia
- Raising awareness of nutrition education

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